The fabrics we use are not pre-washed. The dimensions presented at acquisiton are approximate and they reffer to the ones after the first washing.

Ideally, you should wash each carrier before using it for the first time, to remove possible residue from the fabrication process. According to your washing machine's specifications, the fabric can shrink more or less. The presented dimensions are the minimum ones.

1. Washing

The regular washing will be done at a low temperature, 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use any laundry detergent, but the natural ones [Sodasan, Sonnet, Ecos, etc.] are more gentle to the fabric and ensure a longer life span.

The carriers may be washed at a higher temperature, but this usually leads to the fabric's premature ageing. 

When washing the Luna carrier at temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit, the colours may lose in intensity or they may bleed. Concerning the carriers with different fabric types, we recommend you clean them locally, when possible.

To protect the rings of your sling, and also the inner tub of your washing machine, put the sling in a protective bag or a pillow case. After the first wash, the residue will be removed and the colour of the rings will decrease in intensity.

 Attention! The coloured rings may present two small signs on the inside, as a result of drying on special holders, after dyeing. The signs do not affect the rings' safety in any way, they are considered 'cosmetic flaws'.

2. Drying

You may tumble dry our carriers.

Whenever possible, dry the carriers outside, in the air and sun. For a more uniform and quick drying indoors:

  • put the ring sling on a clothes hanger [hang the rings on the hook of the hangersului] and hang it on the curtain gallery, over the radiator. 
  • dry the ring sling outspread.
  • place the outspread wrap on two pants hangers and hang it on the curtain gallery, over the radiator.
  • fasten the straps of the SSC on the curtain gallery [after wipeing the dust off] and lei it dry, as spread as possible. 

3. Breaking in
Some ring slings or woven wraps are a bit stiff at first. After washing and drying the sling/wrap, try to raffle it as much as you can. You can braid and unbraid it when not using it, sit on it, sleep on it, swing on it, make a hammock for the baby, and of course, carry your baby in it, the 'rougher' the treatment, the faster it will soften. 

Even though the fabrics are strictly tested, their ageing  lor in timp varies depending on many factors: 

  • humidity, 
  • frequent washing, 
  • number of rotations per minute when wringing, 
  • tumble drying,
  • wearing frequency. 
As resistent as a fabric may be, using a carrier 5 hours a day, every day, it will weaken in strength over time. Always check the fabric and the seams before using your carrier.